Monday, September 28, 2009

A Wishbone and A Patch For Oliver

September 28, 2009.

Oliver and Freya wished on the wishbones from the chickens we ate for dinner last night.
The both got a wish.

Oliver got new Levis today.

I'm going to sew this patch on them to 'fancy' them up a bit. There is not much cool boy clothing out there and I won't even try to sew boy clothing.
Patches are fun to embellish with. The best part is Oliver likes to pick up patches when we travel and likes me to sew them on to his pants.


  1. What a fun thing to do! I love wishes!

  2. You are so right about the lack of cool boy clothing.

    Girls have many more choices. That patch is really going to personalize them, great idea. I wish my sewing machine had a stronger motor, fleece just about gives it a migraine, I can't imagine sewing through denim!

  3. The lack of cool boy clothes always frustrates me so. Only having boys with no girls to dress brings that point home often.

    I love wishing on the wish bone. My mom always did that with me growing up

  4. I'm new in this of blogging, but it was great to have you entering my blog and letting a comment although don't understand, thank you. ( wish you understand my english). I love to see your photos, eating and see a bit of how live other people in other places, other kids enjoying life as us.