Saturday, September 5, 2009

Handmade #2 and 400 dishes

Freya's second day of kindergarten and another handmade dress. This is the Tea Party Sundress from Oliver+S ( It is a very easy and quick pattern and it only requires a yard and a quarter of fabric.

While Freya and Oliver have been at school I have been maniacally (is that a word?) cleaning my kitchen. I love dishes. All sorts of dishes. They are one of my favorite things to collect. They are also a bugger to keep clean and displayed properly. Since I don't own a dish washer I have hand washed over 400 salad, dinner, and dessert plates, bowls and platters. Not to mention almost 50 different types of glassware. Oh Mary! It was very much worth the 24 hours it took. My kitchen is beautifully shiny and ready for the winter nesting season. (Of course nobody is allowed in the kitchen anymore. I don't want any messes).


  1. I love Freya's dress, I wish I could do something like that

  2. What a pretty girl in her dress. And your dishes are beautiful. I love stacks and stacks of antique dishes and the smell of a freshly cleaned kitchen . . . aaah.