Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crafternoon #2

I had a lovely crafternoon at my good friend Judy's home.
I recently purchased these witches hat's at Roberts and thought they would be super fun to decoupage.

I have a fetish for ephemera and have been collecting worn out books, ledgers and sheet music for quite awhile. Some of the paper we used on the hat's is over 100 years old.
(One day I'll post pages from this wonderful children's monthly that I use for paper projects).
Judy and I simply ripped the paper, painted glued on the back, placed it on the hat and painted glue over it.
I use plain glue. Mod Podge is very expensive and glue is easier to use.

Gluing and placing. (I use regular artist paint brushes to apply the glue).

For best results let the glue dry over night.
(We placed the hat's in wine glasses to work on the bottoms).

After the glue is completely dry embellish it fancy and fun.
We used tinsel from the Bethany Lowe collection. She has incredible, fun products.
I used a small rippy piece of fabric as a headband around the hat.
Judy is planning to customize her with a glittery 'B'.

The decoupage project's total time (Remember we dried the hat's over night) was three and a half hours over two days.
*There are a few fine details not yet finished.
(Should I put a glitter moon on the top of my hat? Should I glue an old brooch to the headband)?
Sometimes the best way to finish a project is to sleep on it and work on it anew with fresh ideas and fresh energy.

(How apropos is Judy's shirt with the black and white stripes)?

Three almost completed hat's
(All photos were taken inside Judy's home. If you are a decorating junkie and bored, uninspired with the current magazines, check my blog tomorrow for photo's of Judy's home and garden. I guantee it will not disappoint).

Oh yeah, Freya wears another homemade dress to school.
Happy Wednesday crafternooners.


  1. What a fun day! Thanks for bringing all of your goodies to craft with. I have the perfect place for my witch hat.{Will show a pic soon} Excited to get out all the fun Fall decorations and begin nesting for the new season.

  2. "Crafternoons" ~ so clever! These hats are adorable. I think the newspaper looks is awesome for Halloween.
    PS your daughter and the homemade dresses are sooo sweet. I wish I was a sewer!

  3. The hats turned out super cute! I need to get get going on my closets now too. Thanks a lot...

  4. loving freya's dresses (lucky girl!)!