Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up To

August 19, 2011

Up To

Again the summer disappeared into another school year. Oliver and Freya start school on Monday and I'm both happy and sad.

Happy that I'll have time to craft and clean my house but I'll miss the games, walks, impromptu trips to the movies, trips to my grandmas and afternoon book time on my bed.
Freya became a much better reader this summer and Oliver made new friends in the neighborhood.

I've been knitting, knitting, knitting.

Knitting isn't conducive to keeping up a craft blog. Nobody wants to see that I knitted three more inches of a sweater today.

I may start quilting again. I need to sew at the machine and Freya won't wear what I make her anymore. It breaks my heart. Maybe its time to learn how to sew clothing for myself.

The sweater is coming along nicely. It helps that I go to knit circle twice a week and
I can get help when I'm stumped. Knitting instructions are so hard for me to understand. They may as well be in Finnish.

(I'll tell you about the bonneted balloon girl in a bit.)

I came across an estates sale last Sunday and found all the amazing stuff below.

Holly Hobbie flat sheet.

Vintage flannels in perfect colors and patterns.

Birds and cute clowns!

Vintage cottons,

The blue floral polka dot fabric was so long I had to cut it into five 80" sections.

And 28 perfect bonnet Sue's with balloons.
It will be Freya's bed cover as soon as I pick up her bed frame from the antique store.

Last week Freya was a dog for three days. It kind of made me want a dog.

On August 7 the Daybreak Trax line began running. I was important to Oliver to ride the inaugural run. So we did.

Yes it is 2011 and Utah is finally getting an efficient mass transit system together.

We love our SUV's.

Harvest Days festivities. The band looked better in their shadows.

Cheers to a new week.