Monday, February 28, 2011

Catch Up

February 28, 2011

Catch Up

I don't like it when I get behind on my blog.
In my defense I did post last week, I just mistakenly posted it here

The last week was both very busy and very lazy.

But very first, I am so proud of Oliver.
He is Student of the Month for February.
On February 23 we celebrated Oliver and his fellow Students of the Month at a breakfast in his school library.
The breakfast was at at 7:15 am and we all woke at 6:30 to get ready.
Freya said it felt like we were going on vacation because that's the only time we get up early.

Behind Oliver is the school principle Mrs. Logan.

I've been knitting more triangles.
I still need to learn a few basics such as purling.... a big one I know.
I'd like to share the tutorials my friend made that taught me to knit.
Very easy casting on!

I'm also sewing a hand bag.
It started with a doily sewn to a feed bag ...

and is finished like this.
I'm still working out the lining and bag shape.
I want to gather it at the top. (Maybe).

My friend Joan (from my new favorite antique store) recently purchased three antique samplers at an estate sale.
One of them sold for $800 dollars.
The other two are not in great condition.
Joan remember how much I love samplers and sold me the pair for $3.
What should I make?

Besides sewing projects, I've been spring cleaning.

These suitcase once houses packing labels downstairs.
I though they would be put to better used holding vintage linens, ribbons doilies and such.

I promise to be a better blogger this week!

P.S. We found a great BBC sitcom recently.
It's super hilarious and streamable on Netflix.
It's called The IT Crowd.
For a good time check it out

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Knitted A Triangle

February 15, 2011

I Knitted A Triangle

I taught myself to knit a triangle.
Yes, I know it's not that difficult for some.
It took me the best part of the day to knit three.
I also spent the day holding a sick Freya on the sofa, and watching Harry Potter.
I loved holding Freya all day but sorry she doesn't feel well. (Common cold).

I'm making a knit banner.
I've seen one on a blog before but can't find it again.
I'm happy my knitting looks so raw, I tend to over finish things.

Have I mentioned I love buying yarn.
I want to Koolaid dye some!
Thanks for everyone's encouragement.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


February 13, 2011


Tomorrow I will have been knitting for two week.
I have been to see my teacher four times in that short span of time.
Fortunately she lives next door to the antique/yarn store and doesn't mind me ringer her up and popping in for a half hour or so.

I have cast on and blown out over ten times.
I haven't learned how to fix my errors which is a huge problem and why I visit my teacher so often.

Starts and stops.

One thing I've learned about knitting is that mistakes can't be embellished over.
It is very exacting.
Exacting and absolute pattern following is difficult for me.

A friend of my has some great tutorials for learning the basic techniques of knitting.
As soon as I can figure out how to link them I will.
They have been a life saver.

My favorite part of knitting is buying yarn.

My first project is a scarf for Freya.

Friday Chelsea came over and we finished up our banners.

A friend asked where I found the paper doilies and old sheet music.
The doilies can be found at any craft store in the cake decorating aisle.
Old Sheet music can be found at antique stores.
Cheers to a new week.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paper Valentine Banner

February 9, 2011

Paper Valentine Banner

Last Friday my cousin Chelsea and I got together to make this paper banner.
It's for a baby shower we are hosting for her baby sister and my baby cousin.

Yesterday Chelsea came over with her two little one's and we finished the baby banner.

The banner was so fast and fun we each made a Valentines Day banner.
Chelsea was throwing out ideas fast.
Brilliant ideas!
It's fun to be with someone so creative and happy.

We used old stamps, music sheets, doilies, scrapbook paper, old book paper and glue.
Lots of glue.

It didn't take long until we each had seven different circles for our banners.

Because we decoupaged them (to make them stiff) they curled up quite a bit.

When the circles were completely dry I put them in a huge book to flatten them overnight.

My big huge book has info on how to split an atom if you are interested.

Chelsea and I plan to finish the banners on Friday.
It was a really, really good day.
P.S. The knitting is coming along.
I have photo to share soon.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


February 5, 2011


I apologize for forgetting to announce the giveaway winners Friday.

I don't know what happen to Friday and Saturday

They disappeared.

(Yesterday I knitted with my mama and watched The Hangover).

Happy winning to my awesome Canadian friend ana of imadeitso.
Ana won the School Day Jacket & Coat size 4T - 8T.
Ana writes a really smart/witty blog filled with sew projects, brain thoughts, and photos, She also host Friday Archive on her blog, which gathers several different viewpoints from bloggers around the world.
It's fun and easy.

Also to,
And ana

Happy vintage pattern winners
Please choose three patterns each plus an alternative


Ana, Fea, Peacemama, Princeeleia109, and Brooke , pick three plus and alt then e-mail them to me.
First come- first pick!
I love giveaways!