Monday, September 7, 2009

Crappy cookies

I had planned a fun cookie decorating night. Oh how I love all the different sprinkles and adornments for cookies. My error was in buying pre-fab cookies. Cookies in a tube? I should have known. Somethings are not meant to come in a tube. Freya frosted three because I promised her all day that she could and the rest went into the trash bin.

Otherwise it was a great Labor day. I bought season five of The Office and we have been watching them all day. (I don't watch T.V. but I love The Office so it was fun watching seven episodes that we have not seen).
Also my mom found me these great ceramic dancing Dutch children at a yard sale today. Thanks Mama.
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day.
P.S. If you read my blog please leave a comment of who your favorite character on The Office is. I love Dwight Schrute and his plethora of mustard color shirts.


  1. You are right. Cookies are meant to be homemade. Besides thats the fun part, not just slicing them. Have never seen the office so don't know the characters. Looks funny though. Hope to see you this week.

  2. My favorite office character is Darrell in the warehouse. He is always good for a laugh. I adore the dynamic of Andy and Dwight. I am thrilled that the show has gone into syndication and everyone who watches tv can see them in reruns every day! Hooray!

  3. The Betty Crocker dry mix works well for cookies you can cut out. It's a little more work than the tube ones already done, but still easier than from scratch, and I think they are just as good. Just be sure you use the rolled cookie instructions instead of the drop cookie instructions. Those Dutch children are darling!