Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Tins and Cigar Boxes

I really love my small home but alas it has very little storage space. I don't view this as a problem though. Some of the best creative ideas are born out of necessity.
Continuing with my winter nesting I organized and cleaned out my brown chest of drawers which resides in my living room and houses some of my favorite and most often used sewing paraphernalia.

Two of my favorite loves marry nicely, vintage tins and cigar boxes and sewing notions.

These tins once housed sewing machine accessories, pencils, benzine for watermark detection and pipe tobacco.

On Main Street in Jackson Wyoming there is a cigar shop. Inside their door they stack the empty cigar boxes that are free just for the asking.

My favorite cigar boxes are the King Edward brand for sentimental reasons.
My Grandpa Johansen drove a UTA bus for 25 years. He had a bus rider who smoked a lot of King Edward cigars. When the gentleman finished a box, he would give them to my Grandpa. After 25 years of UTA service, Grandpa had stacks of them. Over the years, Grandpa would give us boxes to take home with candy or coins inside. The stack of boxes ran out long ago and I don't have any of the boxes he gave me. When I come across one in an antique store, no matter the condition, I buy it. This is a happy memory for me.

Antique brown chest of drawers that houses sewing notions.

Opening a drawer and seeing all my sewing delights me.

Happy Wednesday, crafternooners.


  1. I love the cigar boxes too. I would love to have a king edward one. I remember how huge grandpa's stack was and how it slowly dwindled away, and unlike nearly everything else in the basement it didn't replenish. Sad day when they were all gone. I never knew where they came from though. I haven't thought about it in years, but i guess when i was little i figured grandpa smoked them. funny huh? Excellent blogging. I would rank your blog right up there with micheal mcdonald's angelic voice. (Seriously, does it get any better then 'what a fool belives', maybe his duet with kenny loggins, but its pretty much a draw.) thats how good of a job your doing. Love baby broth.

  2. Oh man! At the Autumn Equinox fair here I saw the coolest Art Deco tin ever! Alas, it wasn't for sale. I think I may have paid anything if the lady had been willing. Thanks for visiting my blog -- and glad to meet you (my name is Sydney).