Saturday, September 26, 2009

Timeout: Making Steve and Eating Cupcakes

September 27, 2009

Yesterday was Saturday.

Saturday in our home means no working and no chores (Well no big chores anyway).

Today we all played!

This morning I made 'Steve". Steve is awesome fun to make and there are so many different ways to change and embellish him. Steve took five hours to make. Five very pleasantly spent hours sewing, listening to KRCL , talking with Chris , you know life going on around you.

The pattern for 'Steve' is in this brilliant book by Denyse Schmidt.

If you haven't heard of her do so now.

If you don't own her book, Denyse Schmidt Quilts, it should be the next craft/sewing book you buy. That is how much I love this book. I gave it a shout out.

AAArrrgh! I forgot to rotate the photo of finished 'Steve'. Oh well, tilt your heads.

Saturday evening we went to a family party.

My niece Teah (2.4 years) is potty trained. My sister had a very special party and we celebrated Teah!


Cupcakes. Pink cupcakes!

Wow! Thanks everyone who entered the giveaway. I can feel the blog love. I love meeting you fellow repurposers. The inspiration and knowledge I receive from you is brilliant. Vintage Swap is evolving!
Congratulations to Rosamund and renee~heirloomseaon. Please e-mail me your addresses and I get your fabric to you this week.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments. They made my weekend happy.


  1. Steve is a cutie! And your sis with the pink party is adorable. Congrats to your niece. BTW-I would love to claim on of your crafternoons for my sweater bag. Can you throw me in the rotation? Love the blogs. C

  2. There is no rotation. You are next. We leave for Portland and Astoria on Thursday for a few days. Next week you and I will plan a crafternoon and make your sweater into a bag. Call me! There are things you need to do/buy before we craft.
    I am so excited to make a bag that you will use out of a beautiful hand knit sweater (made by your grandma) that nobody wears.
    Love, Camille