Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finds in my closet

I love to buy clear plastic totes. They are a perfect organizing tool.
Clear plastic totes and zippy bags bring me a great amount of joy. (Yes, I'm easy to please).

Here are some of the treasures I found buried in my closet.
There are so many little handmade gems waiting for me to come up with a good idea of what to make with them.
Maybe a purse, a pillow? Maybe I'll stick them in a frame and put in on my wall.

A thrifted needle point. I never pass up a needle point. It seems a little sad that someone didn't want this beautiful piece of handmade art.
It will get a new life in my home.

A Sampler I made.

Another Sampler I made.

I'm good at finishing projects. What I don't finish, but intend to, gets put in a zippy or a tote with all necessary components to complete it. (Don't forget to label it).
What I won't finish (usually I've messed up really bad or it is too difficult) I throw away.
(I salvage buttons, ribbons, zippers and such for other projects).

I love to hand sew.
I love to have a little project to take every where I go. Especially my grandma's.
It's easy to grab my wonderful wicker basket with a kitty softie inside and work on it here and there where ever I am.

Pearls from necklaces that have broke.

Bits of ribbon.
I have a very hard time passing up velvet ribbon even though it can be very expensive.

Ric-rac in tiny zippy's

Chris always ask me why I make such a mess if I'm cleaning up.
I tell him you have to deconstruct to construct.
Whew. The closet is completely, perfectly organized.

Happy organizing my sweet crafternooners.


  1. Wow Camille, I just read through all of your posts. I wonder if we may be kindred spirits or something. So much of what you say and do reminds me of me! I do have the problem of letting all of my "stuff" overwhelm me and then I feel like I have to get rid of it because of my small house. You are awesome though and sometime I would like to come over and see your house. Caroline says that it is awesome.
    (I live two houses down from Caroline)

  2. I like clear totes too. They are wonderful for staying organized and seeing what's in them. I'm very visual. :)

    Looks like you found lots of treasures and got organized again. You're blog (and crafts) are coming along splendidly.

  3. Ooooooo, it's so much fun to look at all your cute stuff.
    My husband wonders the same thing about the mess. I am a paper crafter so he calls it all my "Crapbook Stuff". What Ev!
    Anyway, I love all your treasures!!!!