Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giveaway Winner

December 23, 2009

Giveaway Winner

The winner of the vintage bundle of joy vintage fabric is Bob White via my Facebook page.
Congratulations Bob, I'll send you an e-mail on Facebook.
I have known Bob since Jr. High School.

Facebook has been cool that way, seeing and remembering with people that were there.
I like to think that those that went to Bingham Middle School have a special bond.
The school has been torn down but it used to sit right at the mouth of the Oquirrh Mountains. The school was old and filled with nooks and crannies.
There were weird, vacant, out- buildings.
There was even an old principal or caretakers house.
Most of us traveled by bus forty five minutes each way, if it wasn't snowing.

Bingham Middle School was in Copperton Utah. (Look it up on a map.)
Copperton is owned be Kennecot Corp. A copper mining conglomerate.
My grandpa worked at Kennecot as did my dad and a lot of other relatives.
I have romanticised those days which seems odd because Jr. High is usually a crappy time in a person life.

All that because Bob won some fabric.

If any blog friends would like to be Facebook friends you can find me as Camille Dumas Davis.

Happy Christmas

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yesterday was a 'best day ever' day.

I finished some last minute scarfs. (2 hour project)

Oliver invited us to a Cookie and Cocoa poetry reading hosted by Mrs. Clark's sixth grade class.
Oliver and his classmates have been writing and illustrating books of poems for a month and yesterday they shared their poems with us.
Chris, Freya and I had a great time at the school.

Teachers are doing a great job.

They worked very hard on their books and their poems were beautiful and sincere.

They have dreams and hope for the future.

They want to make a difference in our world.

They are concerned about the environment and the war.

They are vulnerable and want to be liked.

Sometimes they are afraid to be themselves.

They want peace and no more poverty for mankind.

That evening when Oliver and I were talking about his awesome poetry reading he said to me
"We have to pay your expenses off."

Let's leave them a better world than we have right now.

Our children are smart. We parents are doing a good job.

Our kids have hope and excitement for the future

This is Oliver's wonderful teacher Mrs. Clark.

(Oliver's words. He watching over my shoulder while I write this.)

(I peaked in to Freya's classroom where she was hard at work.)

This Christmas I am grateful for Oliver and Freya and my sweet husband Chris.
Cheers also to new and old friends.

You all inspire me everyday.

Merry Christmas and Peace to all.
Love, Camille

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank You Grandma Billie

December 22, 2009

I am going to switch to blogging during daylight hours.
Often at night I am just too tired to write and it feels like a chore.
Blogging shouldn't be a chore.

Grandma Billie gave me money for Christmas and I spent it as quickly as I could.
I visited my favorite antique store.
(Sandy Antique Mall if you live in Utah is wonderful.)
Thank you Grandma!

And the tree is finally trimmed.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grandma Billie's X-mas Party

December 20, 2009

Grandma Billie's X-mas Party

Tonight was my Grandma Billie's annual Christmas Eve Party.
Grandma Billie has been hosting this party on Christmas Eve for the past 39 years.
She broke tradition today for a very good reason.
How else do you get all five of your grandchildren and their children all together at one time?
It doesn't happen very often.
All of us were together tonight.
By now you must know what my family does when we all get together.
We Dance!

My dad's dance card is always full.

He nearly got kicked in the romance sac seconds after I took this photo.
Why is pain to the crotch so funny?

We bug, poke, prod and snuggle Grandpa Tim.

We torture Oliver with love.

There was much love and joy in that house today.
Some of the best memories of my life happen in Grandma and Grampa Dumas' living room.


Nic and Tessa

My brother Nicholas and his amazing family with Freya smooshed in.

Oliver and Teah

Teah and Cicily at grandma's organ.
They played a mean rumba beat.

My beautiful Grandma Billie.
A few weeks ago we went to Kmart to buy toys for the great grand children.
It was really, really fun.
Grandma and I went to lunch after.
She tried a gyro for the first time!

Playing with the new toys.

Tonight I go to bed with love I can't describe in my heart.


I wasn't very clear about my fabric giveaway.
If you would like this lovely stack of vintage fabric please leave a comment.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vintage Fabric Giveaway

December 19, 2009

Vintage Fabric Giveaway

These are the movies and the music I have been enjoying of late.

I should mention that my parents don't own a computer (Really.) and my little brother and sister, Nicholas and Katie, catch my blog here and there.
(Nicholas once commented that reading my blog was like listening to Michael Mcdonald's voice. This is a compliment. Both Nic and I love the Dobbie Brothers.)

When I asked Oliver and Freya what they wanted from me this year they both answered "a quilt'.
It was necessary to work on their quilts while they were around the house.
Oliver and Freya helped with their quilts here and there.
Best yet is they saw the amount of work and love that goes into making something by hand.
Sometimes they forget.
Once or twice they each came up to me and thanked me for their quilts.
I love them.

(Freya and I shared the kitchen table this morning.)

Today I made my niece Teah a tie-quilt.
Teah is big sister to Kai and she will be three in May.
She is very darling and has an iron will.

In October I participated in a Button Swap. (You can link to it from my profile page.)
The fabric I used for Teah's quilt was sent to me from my button swap partner.
It is a perfect shade of blue and it is satin and so soft.

A Sewing Tip

For many years to square my fabric I have ripped it instead of cutting it.
I remember my girlfriend commissioning a quilt from me a few years ago.
She and I chatted while I began to work.
When I cut and tore through her fifteen dollars per yard fabric I though she was going to pee her pants.
Through Heather Ross' brilliant book: Weekend Sewing, I now know it has a term.
If you don't use this method you should.
It works beautifully.

A simple cut.

Rip it!

See how straight and true tearing makes the fabric?

I have been blogging for almost four months.
In that time I have met so many new people who have shared their talents, life and families with me.
In appreciate I am having a fabric giveaway.
If you would like this stack of vintage fabric please leave a comment on this post.
Oliver and Freya will choose a winner from the ol' hat on Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.
Thank You and Warm Wishes, Camille

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dogs And Space

December 18, 2009

Dogs And Space

Kai is my soon to be one year old nephew.
He is a very, very beautiful, fat baby. (For now. He is starting to move faster and faster.)
He is the apple of my eye.
Kai's quilt was so fun to sew.
I enjoy simply sitting down at my sewing machine with an idea and beautiful fabric.
(Music too of course. Lots and lots of music.)
And Imagining.

I pulled from my fabric stashes again. (I love to play with my fabric while the kids are at school.)
The dog fabric was a thrift find on December 2.
It was a holiday gift from the thrift store to find two large, long, vintage drape panels.
I have lovely piece of this fabric to giveaway.
I'll tell you a bit more soon.

I had wonderful luck at the thrift store on Wednesday.
Freya and I found amazing children's books.

Be Nice To Spiders is a family favorite.

My parents join a Disney book club when I was young.
I think they came in the mail every month or so.
I remember pouring over them for hours.
Our papa read them to us all the time.

Slowly we have been collecting them.
We read them all the time.

I love thrifting at Christmas time.
It is the best time to find holiday decorations.

Beautiful toppers.

I'll have all the details of the fabric giveaway tomorrow.
Happy weekend.