Thursday, September 3, 2009

School clothes

Today was Freya's first day of school. All morning she asked me if it was time to go yet. I missed her today but I also enjoyed my time alone.
The next week or two my posts will be of Freya's school clothes. I made all of them from Oliver+S patterns. ( Of course I do everything way overboard so Freya has several dresses, tunics and jumpers in the same style but in different fabrics. I can't resist. Once I have perfected a pattern I want to make it in all the fabrics I love. After making seven or eight I do stop. Seven or eight of the same dress is a bit much. The cousin will be happy with the hand-me-downs though and there will be plenty to go around.
O.K. back to the subject, here is Freya in her school clothes I made for her.

Walking to school. It is a mile walk up hill both ways to the school. Really.

The front door photo.

Of course the photo of the school girl in front of the door.
Can anyone tell me why we all take a photo of our children leaving for school at the front door?

Happy Thursday everyone. Please post a comment. I love to read them.


  1. Cute tunic on a cute girl! I can't wait to see your sewing posts.

    I took the photo from the front door because that is the door I send them out!

    I do miss my kindergartner but I have kept myself too busy. Hopefully next week will slow down and I can do some projects too.

  2. I love the outfit. Very cute! I would love to try to sew an outfit for my girls, but I get frustrated easily! I am going to check out Oliver + s!