Thursday, September 17, 2009

Judy's home

First up, Freya is wearing a homemade tunic blouse. The pattern is the 2 + 2 blouse by Oliver + S @ The fabric for the blouse is from superbuzzy @

Luckily Freya is proud of her handmade clothes. For now.

(A close up of the center patch). The pattern on the fabric depicts a Japanese allegory though I forget the story.
And as promised, my wonderful friend Judy's incredible home and garden nestled in Alpine, Utah.

Most of the furniture and decor accessories in Judy's home are vintage or antique.
Judy's home was not decorated over night. She has spent many years collecting, refining and editing what comes into her home.

I love the simple yet beautiful mirror that hangs over her slip covered sofa.

The dining room is used every Sunday morning for family breakfast.
Occasionally Judy redecorates this space popping in a pink Victorian settee.
It is a lovely place to sip coffee and marvel at the amazing Wasatch Mountains.

The foyer. The chandelier above is one of the only new lighting fixtures in Judy's home.
This is another area that Judy changes up quite frequently.
In fact every time I visit Judy's home she has rearrange the furniture.

The garden with the majestic Wasatch Mountains dominating the back ground.

This is Judy's second year of planting a family garden.

A pumpkin hidden within the grape tomato plant.

Another pumpkin hiding in the tomatoes.

A crafternoon lunch.
All of the vegetables were freshly picked from Judy's garden.
There is nothing better than vine ripened tomatoes except vine ripened tomatoes still warm from the sun.

Thank you Judy for sharing your home, garden and time with me and the crafternooners.
(To glimpse more of Judy's home and life visit her at

For tomorrows blog I am having a super awesome give away. Should I tell you what it is? I'll give you a hint. It is a reilednahc. ( It my help to use a mirror to read the clue). Check in at 1:00 p.m for details.
Happy crafting crafternooners.


  1. A chandelier!! How fun is that. After reading the new Shabby book I want to DECORATE.
    Time to head to the basement and start looking for some different lovelies to bring up. Freya's dress is darling by the way. Have a great week-end. Its here already???

  2. Crafternoon? Nice. I'm going to start dropping that term as often as possible. That dress came out great. Nice work.

  3. You are both so creative, love it!

  4. Sweet. I lack the courage to decorate how I want to sometimes. It was lovely. Thanks for sharing.