Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Music, Yarn, Sewing and Damnation

June 29, 2011

Music, Yarn, Sewing and Damnation

Remember when I wrote that I wanted to blog four times a week?

That's not happening. My summer is shaping up to be very, very lazy.

Lazy is good. I want to relax and play with Oliver and Freya, my grandma Billie and my sister.

I want to spend a lot of time reading with Oliver, sitting in the cool movie theater, knitting with my friends and visiting with my neighbors.

I haven't posted my music rotation lately but these albums spinning frequently.

From left to right and top to bottom,

the White Stripes
The Best of Buffalo Springfield: Retrospective
Loretta Lynn: Van Lear Rose (A+ album produced by Jack White and the predecessor for the band The Raconteurs.)
Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad
Beck: Modern Guilt
The Doors: The Doors

My knitting skills definitely don't justify the amount of yarn I buy but I love yarn and I love supporting my friend Penny's yarn/antique store.
I'm planning to knit my sis Katie a long pair of long leg warmers as soon as I finish up a few pair of leg warmers I have started.

(I've already spent my allowance for July.)

Maybe some fingerless gloves with this variegated gray, white, cream, black yarn.

I love variegated yarn.

For me knitting with the same color over and over gets boring.

I'll need to get over that if I ever want to make a beautiful sweater or a nice pair of socks.

A pair of little leg warmers I'm nearly finished with

(Three more other halves to go.)

I find knitting really hard and hand work usually comes naturally to me but I'm determined to keep with it.

I really want to love knitting.

Right now my favorite part of knitting is the women in my knit circle.

We meet Thursday's and Saturday's and I have a wonderful time listening and participating in the conversations.

The interaction with these wise women is why I will not give up on knitting. (I'll knit leg warmers forever just to spend time with them.)

I worked on a commissioned piece today.

A sweet neighbor asked me to sew a smock for a birthday gift.

Yes! Yes!


For the second time this year I shopped at Walmart.

Freya asked for a new bike for her birthday.

Walmart carries a selection of bikes unlike a few other places I looked.

My almost 7 baby girl.

Further damnation, I flipped through a tabloid and actually bought it.

Because of this darling sweater.

I'm excited to embellish a few of Freya's cardigans with these rosettes.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


June 26, 2011


I can't comment on any ones blog.
Every time I try it kicks me back to sign in.
When I do manage to get to the scrambled word point and press enter it again kicks me back to sign in.
Suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. Please know friends I think all your posts are awesome and I want to let you know that by commenting.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roses In Vases ll

June 23, 2011

Roses In Vases II

As the title of my post suggest these are photos of more roses in vases.
I really, REALLY love my summer roses and have collected beautiful vases to make them extra beautiful.
It brings me great happiness.

I like to use floral foam which you can buy at any craft store.

It's great because it holds a lot of water and it's very easy to arrange flowers.

I start with tall roses in the middle and work out from there.

I fill in the empty spaces after and I always over, over stuff.

These maybe obvious tips but someone taught them to me so I thought they might be useful instructions to some.

Freya's photos.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roses In Vases

June 22, 2011

Roses In Vase

As the title of this post suggest this is a post about roses and vases with bouquets photographed. in different lighting.

Oh I know I'm not a photographer but I love the glowy look of my roses.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprises and Books and Fireworks

June 21, 2011

Surprises and Books and Fireworks

Yes, yes a day late at least I'm not a dollar short.
I don't have a dollar to be short one.
Happy giveaway Jenny - Lake!
Please e-mail me your address to

Oliver's guitar teacher has open a guitar store and yesterday I noticed the field next to his shop was full of wild flowers.
I wanted to gather a bunch but we had immediate plans afterward and they would have wilted away in the car.
Maybe next Monday.

I think this is Indian Paint Brush.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
The others I have know idea.
If anyone can identify them, please do.

My lovely and generous friend Wendy sent me birthday presents yesterday.

I don't know how she gifted this fabric away but I have big plans for it.

The white motifs are raised and soft also there are about three and a half yards of it!

Vintage trims.

Owls in my favorite colors.
I would love to see Wendy's home as she has brilliant taste.

She also thinks of Freya.
Freya's eyes lit up and she gasped when she saw her name on these books.

(Freya's blurry photo's).

A yellow glass of which I have a set of six pink ones of the same pattern.
Wendy also sent a bright yellow sheet which I forgot to photo.

I haven't been this spoiled since Wendy last parcel.

Thank you, thank you Wendy.

For the last three days I've been obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy.

Oliver and I pounded through the first in three days.

Reading together on my bed and waiting for one another to catch up so we can discuss a really exciting part is fun.

I don't make time for reading very often (I hadn't read a book in two years.)
Mostly because once I'm into a book very little else gets done and I become a bit inaccessible to my families dismay sans Oliver.

Saturday was South Jordan town days.

My parent live in South Jordan which is a ten minute drive from my house and a twenty minute

drive from Salt Lake City.

The firework display was awesome although I think the tax dollars would've been better spent fixing 9000 south.

That road is a travesty of large proportions.

A few photos from Sat. night.

Fireworks are really hard to photograph so I quit trying.

I didn't want to watch the display through a view finder.

Utah's weather will be at its finest this week.

From Mondays 58 degrees to Thursdays 90.

Look for Utah in the news as we flood along with the rest of US.