Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Idea Books And Thrifting

April 7, 2010

Idea Books And Thrifting

Spring is dragging its feet through the mud getting here.
I think hanging up a sweet banner yesterday excited Mother Nature a little.
Today it is warm and sunny. Warm and sunny. Two words I have not used in weeks.

My sweet friend Renee of heirloomseasons.blogspot.com sent me this darling banner last fall.
Renee makes wonderful things for her home and family and writes about it on her awesome blog. Check it out sometime!

Although the weather was snowy, rainy, cold and gray yesterday I found colors of spring at the thrift store.

I find so much that I want thrifting but I have learned to buy only what I will use, what I need and what I have a home for.
Also, what I purchase has to fit into the color palettes of my home.
I love the 1970 avocado colored bowls I find everywhere but they don't match any of the dishes I have collected.

There was a four piece dinnerware set that went with the bowl and platter and only cost eight dollars. I pushed it around the store while I shopped but in the end I exercised self control and only bought the platter and bowl. (That rhymes!)
I don't have room for any more dishes unless they are super, super amazing.
The three rolls of vintage wallpaper are a great find. (Freya's room?)
The turquoise wallet, coin purse and key wrap make a great beginning of spring gift to myself.
Chris got off cheap as the total for all three was $1.50

I had a perfect spot for the platter.

Freya found this handmade leather pouch and took the photo.
It was important for her to 'arrange' the photo without my help.

One more photo.
"To see the details, mom".

There is always room for thrifted books.
For Chris: a broiling pan.
For Oliver: a DK Loony Tunes book. I love DK books. (Dorling Kindersley)
For Freya: an Oswald (?) book.
For me: the Martha Stewart Christmas book I have been searching for.
Thrifting total: $16

Ten or so years ago Martha had a article in her magazine for making the twelve days of Christmas.
I only saved half of it.
I was so delighted to find it all in this book!

My 'idea book' above. Martha's book below.
I think the paper dolls are so fantastic.
There is also a pattern and instructions for making grand stockings out of old sweaters.
I have not browsed through my idea books for sometime.
While doing so yesterday I thought I would share my idea books.
They are the envy of my crafting friends.

For many years I saved stacks and stacks of magazine.
When I would look for something to make that I had seen in a magazine I would spent too much time flipping through dozens of them looking for a photo or an article.

I decided rather than wasting time and storage space owning so many magazines, I would go through all of them pulling out what I wanted to make or what inspired me.

It was a several week project to get it all in order but I am so happy that I did.

The binders are broken down into sections.
Holidays: Valentines, Easter, Halloween.
Decorating projects.
Gardening ideas.
Recipes for Chris
I keep articles in a single protector sleeve instead of each page in its own sleeve.

Of course I have an entire section of beautiful dinnerware, pretty table settings, platters and such.
The books continue to grow.
When I am finished reading a magazine I pull out what I think is pretty, inspirational or what I would like to make and recycle the rest.
When I am feeling uncreative my books are great for filling me with new ideas and motivation to create.
I take a great amount of pride in my idea books.
It is tedious work at times but I love having it all in one place and it makes me so happy looking through them.
Does anyone else have a great way of keeping ideas and inspiration organized?


  1. you found some really sweet thrifted items. i love how you are building a collection of things based on colors and such rather than just amassing everything you love. perhaps i need to learn to be more selective, too.

    tell freya good job on the leather pouch (it's got my initials!).

    if i can ever get organized, i'd love to steal your idea of the magazine binders. i save all kinds of magazines for inspiration and it's getting out of hand. thanks for the idea!

  2. your idea books are wonderful! great idea to group them individually and esp put them into clear sleeves instead of just jamming them into folders (like i do)

  3. So is there another Renee? Wonder who really made it...

  4. I love this! I am putting one together this weekend. I can't seem to leave your blog b/c everything is so beautiful and creative, and I feel like I can accomplish lovely things! I kind of want to move into your photographs and live there ;)