Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Gifts/Thrifting

April23, 2010

Baby Gifts/Thrifting

Freya and I stopped at our thrift store and consignment store today.
At first I passed on the globe because it was $7 but when I went to the consignment store where I bought the lady vase, they had a newer globe priced at $38 dollars. Seven dollars suddenly seemed cheap.

I plan to put Jemima on my mantel.
The globe will go in Olivers room I would like to start a collection of globes.

My best girlfriend Charlotte had a baby boy a few weeks ago and I have been hard at work making one of a kind things for Jensen.

Two of my favorite squares.

The yo-yo hot air balloon was a surprise idea.

Hand stitched onesie and a Paul.

Also I have been busy packaging mini banners.
Most winners have not contacted me. I really want to send them off
Check post date April 18 for winners list.


  1. Camille, everything is beyond gorgeous. I adore those hand stitched onesies. I hope this is not a ridiculous question, but how did you get those small bits of fabric to fray so perfectly and evenly? They really add an old-fashioned touch.

  2. you have been busy sewing! i love all of the cute things you made for the baby. that yoyo hot air balloon is wonderful and the onesies are so cute. i've always loved globes, too. i think you got a really good deal on that one.

  3. I love your sweet package you sent Jensen!! I know how much you like "hand written" mail, so one is on its way as well! I have been a little delayed in my responses... I find myself just enjoying Jensen in my arms. I'm starting to wrap my head around a new schedule in my life and finding time for my much needed "THANK YOU's"!! Thank you my sweet friend, you know ill cherish this darling quilt as I do All your handmade creations I have received from you!! Camille you create such amazing things- If only I had 1/2 of your creativity and abilities you have! Thank You!!!