Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Used Oliver + S Patterns For Free And Wips

April 27, 2010

Used Oliver + S Patterns For Free And Wips

I whipped up several 'Pauls' for travel along projects for the summer.
I really enjoy having something to work on in the car, at parks and while visiting with family.

I'm not a photographer by any means.
If I worried about the composition of my photo's or the proper lighting and such I would never post.
Same with my writing.
I wish I could write beautiful, thoughtful posts but again, if I over thought it too much I wouldn't blog so I keep it very simple.

Which brings me to the point of this not very good photo of the new quilt I am working on.
I think all of the square shadows look cool.
It's a very squarely photo.

Little cross stitched squares to add texture and interest.

After much thought I've decided to pass along some of my Oliver + S patterns.
I purchased most of them twice before I wizened up and started making templates.

The size the pattern is cut is marked on the front.

First come, first pick.
One per person.
Leave your e-mail and the pattern name and size that you would like.
I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did.
P.S It is great to have a community where I can pass along things that someone will use and appreciate.


  1. I would totally want some Olive patterns! I was just about to buy some today and decided against it. I like the tunic size 4 please!

  2. Wow that's a golden offer. Can i have all the other patterns Surf Widow is not claiming.

  3. your photography & writing are just fine - keep up the good work, i enjoy seeing your posts :)
    you always have such generous giveaways, the only thing i've made so far from Oliver + S is the Lazy Days skirt, but i would love to try one of these:
    1st choice: uncut swingset tunic & skirt
    2nd choice: size 5 tea party sundress

  4. I would love the size 5 tea party dress,the size 6 jacket pattern, or the pajamas. How great of you to offer this!! Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Marie, the tunic size 4 is yours.
    Rachel, I will send you the uncut tunic.
    Wendy, you can have the size 5 tea party dress.
    Imene, you can have the Tea Party Dress size 2, the pajamas size 5 and the Jacket size 6.

    There is still the Tea Party Sundress size 12-18 mo.

  6. Camille,

    Thanks so much! My e-mail is wmslro@msn.com.

  7. Camille,
    Do you think that I could sew the party dress for the new baby? I'm not that good on the machine.
    Aunt Elaine