Sunday, April 25, 2010

Freya's ABC Book

April 25, 2010

Freya's ABC Book

Today was a best day ever day.

I started a new quilt which will included cross stitched squares.
I haven't cross stitched in years and I rediscovered it has a very different rhythm from free hand stitching.
It takes a lot of concentration.
My brain hurts and I have a headache from counting those small, small stitches.

The best part of my new project is I was able to sit and visit with my Grandma Billie for several hours today.

The kids and I chatted with grandma and watched a basketball game on t.v.
I hadn't watched a basketball game in six years and I actually enjoyed it.
My Grandma Billie is a huge Utah Jazz fan and has watched them play for 20 plus years.
She gets so excited when they are winning and I'm so happy watching her be so excited.

I bought a new book today.
My grandma gave me money!
I learned a long time ago not to refuse money from my grandma because it hurts her feelings.
I happily take it now and spend it quickly!

I would've never thought of making felt gift tags.
Now I want to make million of them.

I just realized it is illegal to post these pictures.
I won't do it again.

The best part of my day is that I found Freya's ABC book that I thought I'd left in a hotel room.

I started and nearly finished this book while I was pregnant with Freya. (Six years ago.)
I took the whole book on vacation and had intended to embroider the alphabet on the back page, then I lost it.
I have had terrible nightmares about losing this book and I have beat myself up wondering why I took the whole damn book just to work on a couple pages.
Today I found it in an old suitcase I was taking to the thrift store.
I can't describe my excitement.
There are many, many hours of sewing in this book.
When I look at it now I am amazed at how my sewing techniques have improved over the years.

I chose very simple images to represent the letters.
I didn't want to sew anything too complicated to cut out.

I accidentally deleted the "Y".
Y is for yo-yo.
'Z' for zip code? I chose images I could easily cut out.
Tomorrow I am going to take it to the awning store to have it grommeted.
I am so happy Freya's ABC book has been found.
It was a best day ever day.


  1. i love the nest :)
    the amount that you produce amazes me !

  2. That is an amazing alphabet book! So beautiful! I was wondering if there was a tool you can buy to grommet things. I was thinking of making some curtains with grommets at the top, but you take it to an awning store? That is cool. Is it very expensive?

  3. Hi Susan! Sugar House Awning on State Street (7200 ish)charges 50 cents per grommet, last time I checked. There are grommeters you can buy but I cant figure out how to use them properly.

  4. how lucky that you found this book again! your stitching looks lovely and hopefully freya can still get some use out of it.

  5. Wow, I had no idea one could go to an awning store to get grommets put in a fabric book - that is an awesome tip! Thank you!

  6. That book is so wonderful, and I am so so glad you found it!
    Do you know I love Dresden Plate blocks too? But I cannot believe you are making a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt! How exciting. I have a great antique one, top only, I could stare at all those different flowers for hours. How fun for you, inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  7. What a cute mommy. A quilt for Baby Oliver and a lovingly made quiet book for baby Freya. I tried an ABC book for Charlie that was scrapbooky. You can guess how that ended....unfinished.

  8. I have the hardest time reading your blog, because I want to make everything I see. This alphabet book is the coolest project on the face of this earth. If I had thought I lost it, I don't know how I would have continued to exist!! I want to make one so badly!

  9. I love this abc book, is great. So much work. I always like to check on you, and sometimes laugh to your comments like the one about the way you take photos. Thank you for sharing all that with us. Sorry my blog in spanish. I'm thinking of post some cultural thing in english so others can meet our culture, etc... cariños, Francheska

  10. First time visitor...and I am really enjoying your space!

    This is one of the best ABC books I've seen! And I'd cry and cry if I lost that treasure. So very glad you found it.

    I love the picture representations you chose for each of the letters. Lovely.