Monday, April 19, 2010

Embellishing Technique

April 19, 2010

Embellishing Technique

Creatively it was a best day ever day.
I am currently working on baby boy gifts for my best girlfriend and the ideas are coming so quickly.
Later this week I will share all the things I have been sewing.

I did squeeze in a bit of sewing for myself today.

I needed a new pair of spring cozy pants.
Fortunately they whipped up super fast.
I used the top of the sheet for the bottom hem of the pants.
They turned out brilliantly.
It wasn't really rocket science after all.

I want to share one of my favorite embellishing techniques.

Designing your own images or monograms using a heat transfer pencil is simple and fun.
Heat transfer pencils can be bought at any craft or fabric store.

For the ABC's and 123's above I used Microsoft Works Word Processor.
When using the processor, choose a font type and size.

I especially like the fonts (left to right) Blackadder, French Script and Curlz.

Trace the image/letter(s) backward on a window with a heat transfer pencil.

Cut the letter out and place it transfer side to the fabric.

Protect the fabric you're ironing on with a piece of paper or fabric.
Carefully, run the iron over the paper/fabric for 10 seconds.

Peek under the letter/image to make sure it transferred clearly, if not iron again.

Fun images can be found in coloring books, children readers and encyclopedias and there are endless images on clip art websites.

If you can draw your own images I am very envious.
I have no talent for drawing.

Here is a little peek at a quilt I am working on for a new baby boy.

P.S. Everyone who entered my mini banner giveaway won!
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  1. Love the cozy pants! I still have all my vintage pillow cases that I wanted to make into bottoms or tops for my nieces. The hems look fantastically cute.
    Super cute onesies. You are so talented!