Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spaghetti Taco Night

March 31, 2010

Spaghetti Taco Night

Yesterday was a best day ever day. (Best day ever days happen a lot around here)!

It started with a great thrifting day.

Pin up faced dolls.

I wish I would have worn sunscreen in my teens so maybe I could have smooth porcelain like skin. (Yes I know the doll is plastic).
I thought about putting pasties on their naked breast but I figure fake plastic breast are common enough.

When I came upon an awesome stash of fabric I had a freak out moment.
It was as if someone had raided my fabric reservoirs and dropped them off at the store.
There was so much fabric that I owned or had owned at one time.

Odd doll faces.

Odd doll faces in a glass jar.

For dinner Chris made spaghetti tacos ala iCarly.
We had a picnic in the living room and watched iCarly.

Spaghetti tacos were really, really yummy!

After dinner Oliver and Freya put on an amazing musical, dancing extravaganza
Freya planned and decorated all day for the program.

Freya uses a toilet paper holder as a mike stand and the wii mike.
I don't think we have used the mike with the wii.

Notice Freya's drawings taped to the TV armoire.
It was a super best day ever day!


  1. That looks like a pretty rocking fun night

  2. I love that you have so many best days!
    Not sure what to say about the spaghetti tacos though ;)
    I sent you an email yesterday, hope you come across it...
    Renee :)