Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Freya's School Clothes #1

September 1, 2010

Freya's School Clothes #1

I finished a dress for my sweet girl.
I also dragged her off the sofa tonight to get a few photos in her new dress.
As you can see from the photo Freya didn't want to take her cozies off and at 9:45 pm she is not a good person to pick an argument with.

I also sewed my girlfriend a couple more book covers.

Her $400 book investment is a little more protected.
(Are the wealthy the only ones who should be educated?)

Tomorrows list includes a blouse for Freya and a book shelve reorganization.


  1. Thanks so much for the book covers, I love them!

  2. I Loove the dress, you make lovely things soo quickly!
    Have a lovely day

  3. Oh how I love that sweet dress! I cannot believe I have never made any of those patterns. (Except I guess it's cause I mostly make my own patterns.) Maybe I will get a chance before my girls outgrow them. It seems my 10 year old wears about a size 6 with many extra inches added to the length, so fortunately there is still time.

    I am always so inspired by your sewing Camille, thank you for sharing, looking forward to seeing more!