Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goal Update

September 15, 2010

Goal Update

To have success with the goals I've set for myself I need to adapt them a bit.

* Wake at 8:00 am. I do OK with this one unless Chris takes Freya to school. I'm OK with sleeping in here and there.

* Fewer 3:00 Am's. Only two, in 16 days.

* Walk Freya to and from school M-F. I will walk Freya to OR from school M-F.

* Blog M-F. I need to blog during the day instead of 10:30 pm. This goal is very important to me.

* Start an Etsy shop. I got it up and a few banners listed. This goal is going to take a lot of work and dedication. Computer skills are not my strength.

* My Christmas list is complete and I know what I am making. Deciding on projects is usually the most difficult part.

*Freya's school clothes finished by October 15. I have made a dress and a blouse. I'm nearly finished with a cute pleated skirt.

New music from Graywhale. I don't listen to CD's any longer now that we have a Bose stereo. (Oliver puts them on my ipod for me).
I will always buy CD's though.
Graywhale's used CD's are half as much as itunes and new releases are the same price as itunes.
I will always love owning a album on CD compared to a digital down load.

A lovely high school friend whom I haven't seen in twenty years came to visit yesterday.
We had a great time! I am so excited to renew our friendship.
Julie and I set a goal to see each other every other month.

Julie brought treats too.
She wanted to make aprons but knows she will never finish them so she gifted all the above to me!

I am in full Halloween decorating and crafting mode.

Kitty, mouse and pumpkin finger puppets.
I have a werewolf, ghost and witch cut and ready to sew.

I made these decoupage hats last year.
I had forgotten how much fun they were to make.
I plan to make a few more though they are extremely time consuming.

I made these pumpkin candle holder several years ago and the tissue paper has begun to curl and distort.
Today I'm going to make a glue/water mix to brush over the tissue.
I think it will smooth the paper down nicely.
I don't buy Modge Podge. It is too expensive and a glue/water mixture works just as well.

I'll post photo's of how the turn out!
I would love to hear what Halloween projects you all are working on?


  1. William asked why I don't decorate for Halloween. I do!! In October. But if I had cute stuff like you, I would break it out in September, too.
    Good job on your goals!
    ps. Say yes to Morrisey.

  2. OH a def yes to Morrisey!
    Thank you so much for the encouragement, that is very kind of you. Also I will have to let you know when I hold a giveaway. I have this adorable vintage sailor dress for a girl that I'd love to give away but not sure if that'll do. Any help will be grand :) LOVE the Halloween prep and adorable crafts.

    hope all is well,