Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halloween Decorating

September 16, 2010

Halloween Decorating

Yesterday afternoon I decoupaged my candle pumpkin holders to save them from tearing and looking crappy.

I haven't used them for years because they are all curled and the tissue paper is fragile.

To save them and be able to use them I make a glue/water mix and applied it with a paint brush.

The pumpkin faces smoothed out nicely.
The glue mixture wrinkled the tissue paper and now when they are lit they have a marbleized look.

Most of my day today was spent obsessively cleaning and Halloween decorating my living room.
Now that my mantle is properly Halloweeny I can take photos of all the banners I am selling on Etsy.

Trick or Treaters

I found the vintage cat pail at an antique store in Astoria, Oregon where we vacationed last October.
They had several old, old paper mache pumpkin pails that I fell in love with but they were very expensive. ($175).
The plastic cat pail was cheap. ($8)

The mantle .... at night!

I stuffed a bunch of sticks into a cement urn and made a Halloween tree for the first time.
I used floral foam to arrange and hold the branches.

This Halloween postcard is post marked 16 October 1909.
It was a gift from a favorite girlfriend.

I tried several ways to string the lights on my mantel but it made it way too busy.
When I went to finish vacuuming I laid the lights across the fireplace screen to have them out of the way and found the perfect solution for using them.

Freya has been having a difficult time getting into a homework groove so she and I made a school corner where she can keep all her books and supplies.
She is really excited about it and spent most of the evening in her 'book nook'.
There was a bit of an argument explaining to her that she couldn't build a bed and sleep in her 'book nook' tonight. Maybe this weekend.



  1. Hej Camille

    Even though the theme is spooky Halloween
    just wanted to say everything looks lovely...just lovely.
    Your home looks soo cozy...
    Have a great weekend with your family

  2. Camille,

    Everything looks great!! Frey's book nook is wonderful as well. It's so nice to have your own little special spot, isn't it. Have a wonderful weekend.