Friday, September 17, 2010

Two 'Best Day Ever' Days In A Row

September 18, 2010

Two 'Best Day Ever' Days In A Row

I want to start my post with a small list of things I'm grateful for.
^ Sharp scissors
^ Surprise gifts in the mail
^ New craft books
^ The Wasatch Mountains
^ New music
^ The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. 10.30.10
^ Good yard sales

Freya, Oliver and I visited my mom and dad this morning.
We were extra lucky that my brother Nicholas and his daughters were visiting my mom and dad too.
I was extra, extra super lucky this morning because the neighbors across the street from my parents house were having a yard sale.

I fell in love with this bird box immediately.
The blue soap birds nesting in milk glass sent me over the moon!
(The soap is very, very smelly bad).

Costume jewelry: $11

Crocheted trimming.
Beautiful, old and browned trimming.

A velvet table cloth and velvet, floral upholstery fabric.
The floral velvet variegates in color.
I can't wait until Katie sees it.
She will want to make cuffs out of it immediately

Embroider linen.

Linen monogramming.

Table cloth.
Total price of linens = $6

Yesterday was an even better day.
Oliver brought me mail in bed.
Any time I receive 'old fashion mail' , I know it's going to be a spectacular day

I love the hot pad my friend Allison made for me.
Allison lives in Alabama and writes a witty, creative blog at
My favorite part of the package is her lovely penmanship.
Allison has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen.

I am very grateful for new craft book.
Oliver and I went to Borders last night.
I fell over with delight because of this zombie felties book.

I had an empty tin Nicholas gave me this summer.
I stocked it up with zombie sewing supplies.
Have I ever mentioned that I love interesting tins?

Oliver bought this funky, artsy Halloween book for Freya

Bella and Boris have a happy disposition.

The start of a zombie duck.
It needs some bullet wounds and blood coming out of its eyeball.
I can work on that tomorrow.


  1. it's too bad that the soap smells bad :(
    the crochet trim is lovely !

  2. you've got a lot of good crafty things in your life! i'm particularly taken with the embroidered linens and crochet trims. great scores!

    i'm glad you got the package i sent, and thanks for the handwriting compliments. i don't want to brag, but i did get the best handwriting award in my 3rd grade class way back in the day. ha.

  3. and what is this about the daily show? are you going???