Monday, September 20, 2010

Oliver's Book Club

September 20, 2010

Oliver's Book Club

Oliver has his first big assignment of his Jr. high school career.
He was assigned to read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli before school started , which he did, and he received the project instructions the first week of school.
I was surprised to learn last week that he hadn't started on it yet.
Usually Oliver has big projects finished several days before it is due. (Due September 30.)
The reason he hadn't started was because he didn't understand exactly what was required of him.
Oliver is very good at math, spelling and science. All subjects that have only one answer or explanation. He needs extra guidance when a project requires free thinking and creativity.
To begin he outlined what needs to be done and set a time line.
Second, for me to understand the project we read the book together this weekend.
I think working with him on this will help him to learn how to approach a project that is open to interpretation and requires free thinking.

There are many facets to this project and it counts as one third of his grade for the quarter.
Part of the assignment involves keeping a journal of common sight around you and stopping to study them. Then write about the sight you see and the feelings you have.
For example Oliver wrote about the dead peach tree in are yard.

"Day One
Today I notice the dead peach tree in our yard. It makes me sad that it is dead. I have know it my whole life. I like to help my mom trim off the branches. We are sculpting the tree to make it look really nice".

After having such a great time reading Stargirl together Oliver wanted to form a book club.
Oliver is the president.
I am the Prime Minister.
Freya is the queen.
Chris is the janitor.
(This was decided by Freya.)

It is my turn to chose a book.
Tomorrow we will start The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I am so excited to introduce Oliver and Freya to Steinbeck.
After The Pearl it is Chris' pick and he is going to chose The Hobbit. I have never read it.

Today Chris checked out three copies of The Pearl plus we own a copy.
I made us book markers. The stick man holds a pearl in his left hand.
It's dramatic, I know.

Stargirl. A brilliant book about being different and trying to be fit in and be popular at school.

Thank you to sweet Kristi in Ohio.
I received wonderful things in the mail this morning.
I have already laundered and ironed everything.

I think I will put a small ruffle border around these vintage x-mas squares and us them as napkins.

You can find Kristi's blog at
Cheers to a brand new week!


  1. Hi Camille!

    What is the name of your etsy shop? Will you put a link to it on your blog? I'd love to take a peek at your Halloween banners. Thanks!

  2. I love that Oliver started a book club! I also love all your book picks, excellent stories! I can't wait to hear any feedback on them. I really enjoyed Stargirl. I think I read it one Sunday, every Junior High kid should read it. ~much love to your cutie family~