Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Dress Patterns

September 22, 2010

Vintage Dress Patterns

I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and try making something from a pattern that's not Oliver+ S.
I've had these Butterick patterns for sometime now (plus two dozen others) and have decided to give them a go.
My only concern is they have zippers.
Big confession: I have never sewn a zipper into anything. Ever.
I have a great fear of zippers and I blame it entirely upon my seventh grade home-ec teacher Mrs. Buchanan. In class we had to make duffel bag. All went well until it was time to put in the zipper. She had so many zipper rules and was so insistent upon perfection that she scared me for life, until now. I am missing out on too many things I want to sew because I won't try.

I became giddy when I remembered this fabric I found at a yard sale this summer.
I like both A and B.
Which dress do you like best for this fabric?


I'll make the long sleeve dress from this paisley corduroy I found at Hancock's.
Hancock's carries many terrific light weight corduroys.

I want my sister to cut my hair like the long sleeve dress girl.
Maybe the same color too.

You can't tell from the photo but this periwinkle (that's a fun word to say) fabric is light weight wool. It was a Christmas gift from my grandma Johansen last year.
It was her mother's fabric. I have five yards of it and plan to make all the cousins something out of it, maybe 'Paul's' or a different softie.

I purchased the four petal motif fabric to compliment the periwinkle fabric for a different project and would still like to incorporate it into one of the dresses.
I will keep my blog posted with my zipper crusade. I may need advice if they are terribly difficult.

Etsy News
Coming this weekend to me Etsy shop are decoupaged Disney villains.

And their hapless victims.

'Touch it I say!'


  1. the patterns are awesome! but then i saw the decoupage.... WOW!

  2. I found your blog through your mom, who I work with and I LOVE your decor and projects! I was wondering how much you charge for one of your halloween banners?

    P.S. Have you been to the Salvation Army out in Magna? It's on like 3300 S & 5600 W, but I've found so many cute vintage things there!