Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gratitude List

September 8, 2010

Gratitude List

I have been feeling a bit blue lately.
I decides to make a gratitude list which I have never done before.
I didn't list the obvious, i.e. family, food, a roof over my head.
I decided to focus and reflect upon five small things that I am grateful for.

Please let me share my small list followed by some photos of a quilt I made for Oliver many years ago.
(Because what fun is a blog without any photos?)

I am grateful for:
  1. Soap
  2. Oliver and Freya's teachers
  3. My creativity
  4. Success growing our first tomato plants
  5. Hand written letters

Thinking about these small things has helped brighten my mood.

I need to think of what I am grateful for much more often.

To Oliver's quilt:

This quilt is a variation on the Log Cabin design.
I like to make up my own patterns for quilts so I can use sloppy sewing.
If I had to match small exact squares and corners it would be frustrating and I wouldn't quilt at all.

I intended to embroider elephants in several block centers but this french knot elephant took 5 hours.
I embroidered two more,

One with very large french knots ...

and an elephant embroidered with back stitching.
I hand quilted it using 'in the ditch' stitches.
It is one of my favorite quilts I have made.
It is wearing now and will need mending soon which means Oliver loves and uses it.
P.S. I began writing this blog at 11:46 pm so it qualifies for Tuesdays blog entry.
I have kept my goal to blog Monday through Friday, sans yesterday because it was a holiday.
I'll have a full goal update this week.
Cheers to a new week!


  1. What a wonderful quilt you made for your son
    A real treasure!

    Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves what we are Thankful for...often it's the simplest,smallest things that give meaning and the greatest pleasure.

    LOVE PEACE and enJOY the rest of the week ahead

  2. That quilt is a true treasure Camille. I am sorry that you have been feeling blue, but your gratitude list is just wonderful