Thursday, September 9, 2010

Geography Lesson

September, 10 2010

Geography Lesson

One of my favorite things about hosting a giveaway is Oliver and Freya's excitement of finding on the atlas where our packages are going.

I'm mailing a banner to Sweden this giveaway. Oliver and Freya had a great lesson about the Scandinavia countries. Norway and Finland have a special place in our hearts because my grandpa is from Norway and my best girlfriend is from Finland.

Also I love spreading joy and meeting other creative women with similar interest.

P.S. I couldn't resist posting this photo of my beautiful babies.


  1. The banner has arrived in Colorado! Thank you very much!

    I also love the geography lesson.

  2. Camille,
    You are too cute with your giveaways. I have a giveaway i want to hold but never held one. I'll have to email you about that.

    I have a picture of my kiddos sleeping like that too. Can't you just stare at them for days :)

    Hope all is well,