Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Was A Best Day Ever Day

August 31, 2010

It Was A Best Day Ever Day

Today was Grandma Billie Day.
We went to the bank and Walgreens then to the grocery store.
We also checked a few department stores for electric blankets but they won't be on the shelves until October.
After the groceries were put away Grandma took Chris and I to lunch.
Grandma always takes us to lunch after chores.
It was quiet without Oliver and Freya and they both missed spending the day with Grandma.

I had an impromptu sewing project today.
Oliver needed a book cover for his Utah Studies book.

How fortunate that I have been wanting to make this book cover from Zakka Sewing.

(The patch was purchased at the recent Craft Lake City Fair.)
(I missed the deadline to participate).

Of course I can't make just one so I walked over to my best mate Anna's and measured her school books. (I have a few more to make.)
Everyday I am grateful for good friends.
Anna is a good friend.

Tomorrow I will be working on this dress for Freya.
Cheers to a new month!


  1. You're soo clever...At the drop of a hat you can do that ;-)
    Happy 1st day of the Month
    Julie x

  2. Love those book covers! Thanks for stoping by my blog. I am now following yours. You've got some great goals planned out for this year. I've got to set some for myself. Happy September to you!