Friday, March 5, 2010

A Randomy Post Of A Productive Day

March 5, 2010

A Randomy Post Of A Productive Day

My dad picked Oliver and Freya up for a sleepover tonight.
Chris and I are going to watch 'Dial M For Murder' since they are away.
Hitchcock is a bit too boring to keep their interest.

Hitchcock movies fill me with romance.
Chris and I watched them when we were courting.

Murder = Romance

Music for the day.

When Freya asks me for a hot dog, she wants it with "just the bun and mustard."

Today I wrapped up parcels for my Vintage Swap partner and my book giveaway winners.
I wanted to recycle and use what I had on hand so I used empty cereal boxes, scrap quilt batting and Sunday funny papers wrapped with lots and lots and LOTS of packing tape.

It took four times as long to package as it would have had I purchased new boxes and tissue paper but it was satisfying to know that I was inventive and repurposeful.

I finished a Oliver+S Puppet Show Dress.
The fabric is very springy with busy bees and brown buttons.

Eight buttons.
Arrrggg, eight buttons.
Freya has a hard time standing still for three buttons.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and I have a fun giveaway planned for Monday.


  1. that dress is so pretty, camille! just in time for spring. way to go on packaging with things you already have around.

  2. Sounds lovely, love that dress! I also love that Hitchcock movie...