Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

March 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I am slowly getting my house in order so when the weather permits I can start digging in the yard.
Today I went through all the drawers and armoires refolding and recycling worn out clothes and putting up the heavy winter clothes.

My sister Katie loves when I do this because Teah gets Freya's too small dresses.

This dresser is my favorite thrift find - ever. ($15)

A fresh coat of paint, Home Depot wooded decals, a roll of vintage wallpaper and it looks like I paid much, much more than that.

Freya has nearly out grown it and it is such a large and specific piece of furniture that I am having a difficult time finding a new way to use it.

I dislike having to let it go and I feel silly for having such an attachment to a piece of furniture but I do.

I love opening it up and seeing all of Freya's beautiful dresses.

It was missing the back board so I thumb tack a bit of fabric to the back.
It works quite well.

Oliver's very large book collection moved from Freya's armoire to the downstairs into his very own bookshelf.

That made him very happy!

A few blogs ago I mentioned that I wanted to make a pair of gloves like the pair Alice wore in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.
These lovely striped socks belonged to my sister (her favorite) , she lent them to me one day while I was over to her house. I really intended to give them back but every time I went for socks they were the first pair I saw.
Now they have holes so I think I will turn them into Alice gloves.

Katie will likely ask to borrow them and I'll never get them back.

I bought these skull tee's last summer and fancied them up.
I plan to make a few more for the summer.

I would also like to make a few of these ruffly tee's.

For the time being I will make something necessary, like cozie pants for Freya.

We worked so hard this afternoon Freya passed out on the couch - with her socks on her hands.
I love productive days.


  1. Camille,sounds like a lovely day. That dresser is tooo die! I love it! Your dresses for Freya are precious.

  2. I love that little dresser too..... maybe it could hold sewing stuff when she outgrows it?? Those perfect vintage finds are hard to part with. Happy Spring cleaning.... we're doing the same over here... little by little....