Monday, August 2, 2010

Sewing Tip #2: Rip Your Fabric

Monday August 2, 2010

Sewing Tip #2: Rip Your Fabric

When I am working with a large piece of fabric I cut and rip the fabric 2" more than the pattern size, then I iron it and rotary or scissor cut the pattern out..
It's called 'trueing' your fabric but I leave out a lot of steps so I call it 'ripping your fabric'.

A small cut 2" more than the pattern size.

Simply rip the fabric in two.

Cottons and most linens will rip evenly.

A few years ago a girlfriend commissioned me for some sewing work.
When she saw me cut into her $18 a yard fabric she almost peed her pants.
She calmed down after I ironed the fabric and showed her how perfect the fabric rips.

Anyway you should try it.

Today I made bathmats out of my old towels.
(I bought new towels. It had been three years since we had new towels. I love new towels).

I will make another mat tomorrow and take photos as I work to post tomorrow.
P.S. I want to make a dozen of these mats. After 18 baskets I'm moving on.
P.S.S. Nana Go Go
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  1. you always find the prettiest fabric!

  2. Yes, I always rip my fabrics too! Learned it when I worked at the local quilt shop about 15 years ago.
    Happy sewing to you! I will be in touch soon :)