Monday, August 30, 2010

My Super Goals

August 30, 2010

My Super Goals

The 2010 - 2011 school year is in full swing.
I have been dreading/anticipating this year for a long while.
Oliver and Freya are at school all day and I have seven hours of blank space time.
(Yes I clean and do laundry and such but without your children needing you every time you start a task , you finish much faster).

So that I don't twiddle my time away I have set some goals this year.

  1. Oliver's bedroom moved downstairs.
  2. Freya gets her own room.
  3. Kitchen, hall, staircase, living room, and Freya's room painted.
  4. Walk Freya to and from school everyday. ( I am 4 for 6 in the am and 6 for 6 in the pm).
  5. Blog Monday - Friday
  6. Finish all X-Mas gifts by November 15.
  7. Finish sewing Freya's school clothes by October 15.
  8. Organize neighborhood garden.
  9. Learn to knit.
  10. Start my Etsy store.

This is Freya on her first day of school.
Oh yeah, she is in the first grade this year.

P.S. The cast came off today.

Freya and Papa.
I love the Willy Wonka glasses.

Oliver started Jr. high. The seventh grade.
I am very, very proud that he has all honors classes.
Chris and Oliver get up at 7 am, eat breakfast and get ready for work and school.
As they go out the door they wake Freya and I.
I didn't get a photo of Oliver last week because Freya and I were asleep when he left.

Success to Oliver and Freya this school year!

On the thrifting front I found this cross stitched linen table cloth for three dollars last week.
I really want to marry it.
(As in 'If you love it so much why don't you marry it?' )

This is the lady figurine my Grandma Billie received from her mother.
My grandma kept it in the hall closet until she gave it to me three years ago.
I didn't know its history or significance.
I am very happy to keep it in sight but out of harms way in our home.
One day I will give it to Freya and I hope she will tell her children about her Great Grandma Billie and her lady figurine.
Cheers to a new week friends.
P.S. My blog is a year old!!!!


    I think your going to be busier than ever...
    Good Luck with all your plans and an ETSY shop that's exciting!

  2. Happy blog birthday!!!

    Your little girl looks so cute on her first day of school.

    Your goals and pictures of your house have inspired me to make a list of goals too.

    I'm looking forward to your Etsy shop!

    :) Laura F.

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary!
    Also, Freya looks so stinking adorable in her dress and sweater. I am also relieved that the cast came off. Hope its all healed properly!

    I love reading peoples to-do lists. I am very excited in your Etsy store. Hop to it!

    Loved your Grandma Billie blog post. Cry!!! What an amazing woman.

    Wow, this post had a ton of stuff going on! :)

  4. great goals! and such cute school photos! i want you to make me my new fall clothes! :)