Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Is a Beautiful Word

August 16, 2010

Family Is A Beautiful Word

My sister Katie called me Wednesday afternoon to say she was in town and asked if she could come by and look through my fabric.
"Oh, gee yes" was my answer and I began to pull out bits and bobs to make wrist cuffs.
Katie has recently become interested in sewing and I am over the moon happy to teach her.

I love playing crafternoon with Katie.
She has an amazing eye, (she is a brilliant stylist), and her ideas for new combinations and arrangements are inspiring.

Katie's cuff design with blue velvet, vintage gem, doily flower and buttons.

The photo above is the first wrist cuff I made and was the inspiration for Katie to create.
Did I mention that I am over Juniper that Katie wants me to teach her how to sew?
In two weeks Katie has designed and sewn four beautiful cuffs.
I hope to have photos soon.
Katie had been at our home ( Teah and Kai , too) about an hour when my brother Nicholas asked if he and his girls could come by.
Nic is a carpenter.
Nic loves working with his hands and he loves wood.
Wood loves Nic back.
Chris and I are commissioning Nic to build us a wall of book shelves in our living room.

Nic came over to measure for the book wall and afterward he and Oliver hung out while the cousins played.
Impromptu family gatherings are the best surprise gifts in life.
Every day I am grateful my family lives so close.

Chris, Katie and Kai + Laney and Tessa.

Katie and Nicholas

On Friday more family fun was to be had.
There is an aquarium in Sandy, Utah that is very near my grandma's house.
It's a cool aquarium for our land locked, desert state.
Grandma Billie has been wanting to visit for a few years now so Friday she took my dad, Oliver, Freya and myself to the aquarium.
It was a fantastic afternoon!

My dad and grandma.

Freya and the frog.
She rode it like a horse.

A boat on the Great Salt Lake.

Pink and green.

Pink and green.

The beauty of nature.

Beauty from the hands.
I bought this doily several years ago because it reminds me of the sea.
I found its counterpart Friday.

After searching for it I decided I want to see this doily every day so I pinned it to a lampshade in my room.
I hope you had a week filled with love.
Cheers to a new week!


  1. these look like such fun family gatherings. the wrist cuffs are so pretty, and i am in love with that blue and white doily.

    have a good week!

  2. Looks like a great time. I didn't even realize that there was an aquarium in Sandy. So cool.