Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh The Things You Can Do With Doilies

August 12, 2010

Oh The Things You Can Make With Doilies

On January 31, 2010 I blogged about the doilie curtain I made for my bedroom window.
Last week I finished the other curtain.
(The photo of it is at the very end of this blog).

The first curtain.

Both curtains were made from this beautiful French linen sheet.
It was a birthday gift from a best girlfriend, seven years ago.
I have been saving it for the perfect project.
I'm so happy I used it for my bedroom curtains because I see it everyday.
It's a lovely piece of fabric and it reminds me of friendship.

This hand embroidered monogram takes my breath away.
I aspire to monogram this perfect one day.
I would love everything in my home to be monogrammed.

There wasn't enough linen fabric to make two curtains.
I was super lucky to find this tablecloth complete another whole curtain.
I found this vintage linen tablecloth at my local antique mall for 7$.

Most of these doilies were found at the same antique mall. ($1 - $2)
Some were from my Grandma Billie and some were from my Great-Grandma Johnson. (My mom's grandma).

The table cloth and sheet are measured to sew together.

I kept the crocheted hem on the tablecloth.
The linen piece was hand bound before sewing it to the tablecloth.

The first AB curtain was also hand bound to finish the edge.

Have I mentioned that I love hand binding?

The window covering before.

(I learned that a photo taken with back light doesn't turn out so great).

I do like the shadows the back light creates.

Oh, the things you can make with doilies.


  1. Love them all! I'm also a doily fan.

  2. Oh Camille, I am in love. And I didn't even get to take a close look yet. Must get off computer now but will come back and stare more closely soon. So sorry about poor Freya! I'm sure she is being so brave though, and the lots of love she is getting will help her heal well!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend,

  3. Beuatiful!! I've been wanting to make one like this for our bathroom window.

  4. Wow Camille, these are gorgeous. SO light and airy, and with a very vintage feel. Beautiful

  5. i love the new doily curtain, camille. you are so talented and creative. i'm glad there are people like you around to appreciate all the hard work that went into making those doilies and to find new ways to use them.

    i got my package. you are very generous! i am thrilled with my new cloth basket and have to find just the right things to fill it with. it fits perfectly with my style. thank you very much!

  6. camille, this is such a cool idea. i adore the way it looks with the light streaming through... i crochet and knit and know just how much work goes into these little things! i saw a handknit tablecloth at the thrift store the other day, and wondered about the person who poured so much time into their craft. it's so interesting. i love the way you've given these doilies a new and very funky life.

    ~ ana

  7. Beautiful just beatiful...
    Julie x