Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Weekend And A Giveaway

June 13, 2010

The Weekend And A Giveaway

We watched the snails outside Friday evening.
There has been so much rain.

Freya has turned a lot of her socks into 'arms'.
She asked if I would cut off her too small pants and make them into 'arms?'.

Freya learned to ride a bike this week.
This is her first major injury.

I played with my roses.

I used a flower frog for the first time.
It worked out nicely.

A giveaway:

Freya has finally out grown some of her dresses.
If you would like to enter to win one please leave a comment.
They are both Oliver + S patterns and in very good condition.
Size 5

Oliver will pick two winners Thursday night.
Cheers to a new week!


  1. oh my! they are beautiful dresses. Surely they'll work for one of our girls!

  2. Ouch! That goose egg on Freya's head looks pretty painful. Congrats to her on the newly acquired skill, though!

  3. oh gosh..those would be perfect for my them! how generous of freya too! thank you both! :)

  4. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one! My Ivy is wearing a size 4/5 and would look darling in one of these!

  5. Just found your blog via Nicola at "Which Name?"

    Loving those roses and snails! I can just imagine how wonderful they smell (the roses, not the snails).

    Those are some super cute dresses! I have a little dress-lover that would adore them. But, even if we're not one of the lucky picks, I'll take a little inspiration from you and get to work this week on some dresses for her and her sister.


  6. such lovely dresses! my girls can't get enough dresses right now, so these would come in handy. thanks!

  7. i love your photos, camille! the roses are absolutely gorgeous.

    no need to enter me in the giveaway though...i have no little girl who could wear those pretty dresses.

  8. I'm not sure about the snails ... ;) ... but those roses sure are scrumptious and you bet I would like to enter the giveaway! Also love the "arms" you made. Sounds just like something my daughter would want!

  9. Wow, you made these little numbers? My sewing skills are just begining, but little cute girly dresses, will someday top my sewing list! Thanks for the giveaway and your wonderful blog posts!!!


  10. I love the snails. They are huge. Even the earth loves your home!