Friday, June 11, 2010

Men In Fashionable Knitware

June 11, 2010

Men In Fashionable Knitwear

I scored a great find at the thrift store last week.

I hesitated buying these books at first because they were a dollar each and the space I have for books is dwindling.

But after looking through them I discovered that they are a gem and well worth 23 dollars.

We will start with the photos and patterns for men's knit ware.

I rock a pair of pants similar to those this woman is wearing.

You don't see many grown men sporting a hand knit vest with an alphabet sampler on it.

The sunglasses!

No words.

It is time to bring belted sweaters for men back into fashion.

Rugged pioneer wear.

I can imagine this guy leading a team of oxen over the plains. .

Ball fringe.

Way too uncommon in men's wear I think.

Knit ware for a day of go cart racing.

The world would be a better place if politicians debated in their robes rather than Armani suits.

Coming soon, women's fashion.


  1. That's just hot. I also have no words.

  2. Oh my God. Just the laugh I needed. I especially love the men's alphabet sampler short sleeve sweater. hot. way hot.

  3. It's not the sunglasses that stuck out...check out her teeth! WOW

  4. oh mercy. oh my. i have the first two volumes of these, but i see that beyond those, there is a vast mine of cRazY just waiting to be explored. i just found your blog today and can't wait to see what other vintage wonders are unleashed. wow...

  5. there are some real winners in there that i really hope make a comeback soon. thank you so much for sharing!!