Monday, June 7, 2010

Double Post

Can anyone tell me how to flip my photos on Blogger?


  1. hi camille-
    i'm sure there is a way to flip photos in blogger, but i haven't figured it out yet. when i have vertical pictures i turn them in my photo editor (i use picasa--it's free) and then save them. i then use the right side up saved photos on my blog, so i don't have to turn them in blogger. i hope something similar will work for you.

    that is one chunky sweater that man is rockin'!

  2. Hi Camille,
    Do you load your pictures from your camera or computer? I only know that if you have the pictures on the computer you can edit them by turning them clockwise or counter clockwise. Sorry I haven't called you but I love your blog. I feel like I'm still a part of your life.

  3. Hi Camille. I don't use Blogger, but I always flip my photos in my photo editor on my computer, after I load them in. I have a Mac, so I use iPhoto, but I've used Picasa and you can flip them in there too. Look for the icon that's like a sorta circular arrow. If you don't see it, go into Picasa or whatever you use, find the help section, and search for "rotate photo." Or, go into Google and search for "Picasa(or whatever program you use) rotate photo." Let me know if this helps.