Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Rolls Along

June 29, 2010

Summer Rolls Along

This summer our yard is a bird haven.
It has been a great thing.
I have learned more about birds this season then I have learned in all the years of my life.
Oliver and Freya are quick with a book or the computer to answer any bird questions we think of during the day.
And there are a lot of bird questions everyday.
I hope my families bird fixation stays healthy.
I'll watch for signs of weirdness.
(Like Freya wanting to play birds and me to chew up her food and feed it to her).
(Yes, she really asked that).
(I didn't).

Chris takes a milder approach to all things birds and snapped these sweet photos of the quail family living in my shrub roses.

I have been taking my handwork sewing outside for the last few nights.
It is nice to sit outside after the kids have gone to bed and immerse myself in handwork.
I listen to the night bugs and the trains.
I like the feel of the day cooling off and the smell of night settling in.
I love the rhythm of my hands and how it calms my brain.

I am very grateful that I have this little space of my own.

A super ginormous moth flew in this globe last night and I wanted to take a photo of it.
I didn't catch him but I really like how these lantern photos look.

I hope everyone is finding a little time for themselves this summer.

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  1. you've got a quail family living in your bushes? that's so cool. i've never even seen a quail in real life.

    i love the photos of your outdoor work space. it looks so lovely!