Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Best Weekend In The History Of Weekends

June 27, 2010

The Best Weekend In The History Of Weekends

It was a wonderful, stupendously fun weekend.

Friday my brother moved his grandparent - in - laws to a new home.
These tins were to be thrown away and he thought of me.
He even brought them to my house.

I have never seen a tin shaped like a circus tent.

My momma found these Dutch dancers last year at a yard sale.

I finally found a home for them Friday.
Now they dance above my headboard.

Friday night I started making tea towels out of an old, old table cloth.

I cut all my binding 2 3/4 inches.

Saturday afternoon while I finished my tea towels, Freya made paintings with glitter and glue.
Oliver and Chris watch the World Cup.
USA v Ghana.
(Normally I don't let Freya play with bowls full of glitter but I needed a super duper craft to keep her attention while Chris and Oliver watched the match).

The finished paintings will make great greeting cards!

Saturday morning I went to two... only two yards sales and found all this amazing stuff!

Vintage fabric.
Lots of it!

There were a few more cool albums that I sold to Greywhale.
The money I received in credit at the record store covers the cost of all my yards sale finds times five!

Today we went to the Utah Arts Festival.

Freya and I in our original homemade skirts.

Spell Talk

I am designing Jared (the bassist) a Nudie vest.

This women looked like she wasn't wearing a shirt.

I love this guys hair and sandals.
Cheers to a new week friends!


  1. omg! your topless woman pic is hilarious!!

  2. The vintage fabric you scored ROCKS...oh, and so does that guys hair :)