Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Uber Thrift Day

October 5, 2010

Uber Thrift Day

Caution: If you are prone to envy be prepared to be green.
I can honestly say today was a best thrift day ever.

First I found these pink and white glass sconces for $2.

I have been looking for sconces for this lighting fixture since we remodeled our bathroom two and a half years ago.

My patience paid off today.
I am madly in love with them.

So in love in fact that I must show you photos from every angle.

It finishes of the bathroom decor perfectly.

As an added bonus I picked up two more sconces.
They are iridescent gold and have a hob nail texture.

I found Freya a pair of old fashion roller skates.

They are a size too big but in six months they'll fit fine.

Freya spent the mid afternoon frustrated that skating is not easy.
I told her she needs to practice.
She thinks she should be roller derby great right now.

I found several brand new rolls of vintage fabric ribbon.
It's the stiff kind that was popular in the seventies.

Most of the patterns are really pretty.

I became short of breath when I found this Limoges gravy boat.
Especially since it was one dollar.

The small boat platter.

It already has a home atop the microwave.

A vintage twin sheet in a broad colorful floral.
I may make new cozies for myself this winter or trade it or sell it.

I picked up this pair of pillowcase because they are so ugly.

This fabric is a very big score.
It is poplin from the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic collection.
Usually the price of Shabby Chic fabric starts at twenty-five dollars a yard and it can get as expensive as sixty dollars a yard.
I purchased eight yards for six dollars.
I am thinking of making sheets out of them because the fabric is heavenly soft.
(Has anyone sewn a fitted sheet? Is it difficult?)

Calculating eight yards of fabric at twenty-five dollars that's a nice sheet set indeed.

I saddens me when I see beautiful handwork given away.
Lucky for me .
I can see this cardinal sewn to a jacket or cardigan.
Maybe a hand bag.
We'll see.

My Grandma Billie says it is a good measure of a needle workers skill if the back looks as neat as the front.
I also bought a vintage, white, table top x-mas tree that is still in the trunk of my car
I have know idea where I can use or ever store it.
There's also a elaborate metal plant stand in the trunk.
Chris was already overwhelmed with what I had brought into the house so I will leave the other stuff in the car until tomorrow.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Good scores! Those sconces are perfect for your bath! Love the skates too...and it saddens me too when beautiful handwork is given away!

  2. Wow! Camille I AM GREEN :-D x
    I looove the light shades
    and the whole light and mirror in your bathroom! Rachel Ashwell fabric...oooohhhh
    All the other floral fabric and sheets and pillow cases...the little birdy, the retro floral ribbons...LOVELY everthing is just LOVELY! I want it all.
    So lucky you found them ...
    LOVE PEACE and enJOY all your UBER Thrift goodies
    Julie xxx

    P.S. Tell your daughter I love her roller skates...isn't it just the best thing to be able to roller skate...have fun!

  3. the pink & white sconces look perfect in your bathroom

  4. love the sconces. jealous of the sheets & fabric as i'm working on a quilt where it's my goal to re-purpose all the fabric for it. or very least get it all at thrift stores. the gravy boat is beautiful. lovely gems you picked up.

  5. Love the ugly pillowcases. You are kind to take pity on them and take them in.

  6. Camille I got your post on my blog about the scraps which of course I'd love to take off your hand. I've sent you an email. Let me know if you don't get it....woo hoo

  7. you did have a great thrifting day! my favorites are the shabby chic fabric and rollerskates.

  8. Wowzers, what a good haul!
    I love that you bought the pillowcases because they were so hideous. I do the same with clothes all the time although I sometimes find trouble deciding whether things are so hideous they are quite cool, or if they are just plain hideous.
    Love your blog - am now a follower :)

  9. Add me to green!
    I love the fabric, sheets, and the ribbon! I bet Freya adores those skates!