Saturday, October 16, 2010

Holiday: Day 2 and 3

October 16, 2010

Holiday: Day 2 and 3

There are a lot of photo's uploaded for this post.
I'm too tired to add words.
I'll add them tomorrow.
Stick around 'till the last of the photos because I got some great photos of the petroglyphs in the area.

We checked into the Springhill Suites by Marriott around five. The three hour drive took us five and a half hours because we stopped everywhere that looked interesting.

The Springhill Suites is the newest hotel in Vernal. It was $109 a night. Most of the lodging in Vernal is around that price. Included in the room fee Springhill serves a small breakfast in the morning that is sometimes good and sometimes crappy.

The retro, under water decor made it quite fancy for any small town, especially Vernal.

Marriott finally got it right by having two bathrooms in the room. One bathroom had a sink and toilet. The second had a sink and bath/shower.

So many holiday battles have been fought over who gets to use the bathroom next and how long someone has been in the bathroom. Maybe all hotels will follow suit and revolutionize the way we holiday!

(Please ignore the fact that Blogger is totally messing with me).

I really love shopping the thrift and antique stores in each new town.
I found this geometric print, linen like fabric for $1.

I had to pass on this incredibly large poster of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. It was decoupaged to a big wooden oval. If we would have had room to get it home it would be hanging in the garage right now.

I don't see many soda fountain bars anymore. This one was in Roosevelt Utah. Roosevelt is 25 miles east of Vernal.

My parents drove up to Vernal Friday morning and played with us until Sunday morning.

I like old, interesting signs. This is a great one! The clock is right on time.

Driving back to Vernal from Roosevelt we stopped at the Fort Duchesne Cemetery. It caught our attention because it has so much plastic in it.

Freya was convinced that the prairie dog holes were holes for the ghosts to come out and play with each other at night.

Late Friday afternoon we visited the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum. As you can see from the parking lot it was empty. We had the entire museum to ourselves along with twelve other people. (Chris counted).

Down town Vernal is know for their huge planters spilling over with petunias.

Freya wanted to stay with my mom and dad at the hotel rather than going to dinner.
Oliver got some alone time with Chris and I.
We need to do this more often.
Freya tends to dominate every conversation when we go out as a family.

Saturday morning we made our way into Colorado geocaching along the way.

We stopped in Dinosaur Colorado to find a geocache.
The cache was at the corner of Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus streets.

From Colorado we drove back into Utah to Dinosaur National Monument.

Freya and Oliver in the parking lot of the visitors center.
We purchased a 50 cent auto guide tour of the canyon that gave us information and history of the points of interest on the way.

Green River

The Freemont Indians carved these petroglyphs 1100 years ago.

Simon says: Hands on hips.

Elephant Toe Rock.

On the way into Vernal, Dina the awesome pink dinosaur stands as sentry.

Oliver and Freya were allowed one souviner each. Grandma and pa also bought them each a souviner. Freya chose dinosaurs and Oliver chose geology books of the area.

My dad chasing Freya with a dinosaur on top of his head.
It was a good day.


  1. You tease! A picture is worth a thousand words but I want more!!! These are fantastic photos and I can't wait to hear the stories.

  2. Excellent photography! My sense are completely overloaded, loved it! And by the were in Looks like your trip was amazing and glorious and fantastic. :)

  3. wonderful photos, camille! the petroglyphs are amazing. do you know when they were made?