Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lots Of Stuff

October 27, 2010

Lots Of Stuff

I am really sorry I abandoned my blog.
I had a bad case of the blues.

We woke up this morning in a winter wonderland.
I love the first snowfall of the year.
By this afternoon the snow will have melted.

My friend Anna won the knitting book giveaway.
She has promised to knit me every pair of socks in the book.

Every Halloween when I pull out Oliver and Freya's Halloween bags I am reminded how much I like them.
Both bags were made from old ribbed sweaters.

Freya's bag.

I lined the bag with pink bark cloth.

Oliver's Bag is 11 years old.
It has held up super well. Especially since it's all hand sewn.

Last Saturday my Grandma Billie hosted her annual Halloween party.
Every year she promises it her last and every year each great grandchild calls her and asks when her party is.
We are all very spoiled by her.
I love my Grandma Billie.

Next time I check out. I'll leave a little note on my blog.


  1. I so love those bags! I'm not sure my family will allow me to indulge this year in time enough for Halloween (I've already spent a weekend being totally absorbed in kangaroo costume making), but next year, I'm all about taking inspiration from your creations!!!

  2. Nice to have you back! I'm a little bit smitten with Oliver's bag! P.S. I have your beautiful "BOO" banner hanging up in my dining room :) Cheers!