Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bag It

October 9, 2010

Bag It

I post photos and write about projects I finish but I never write about those I bag.
(I bag regularly).
I was so excited to make the Oliver +S Birthday Dress.
I have hit a major road block with it.
Maybe it's the print I chose or maybe because its sleeveless and better suited for spring but I'm not going to finish it anytime soon.
So for now it's bagged.

I think it's time to post some photo's of myself.
I realize that I've decided to do this in a post I've titled Bag It.

Me and Oliver by Freya

Me and Freya by Oliver

Me by me.


  1. Hej Camille
    Love your honesty...I am sure that you will complete that lovely dress one spring. The fabric is beautiful...but their is no joy in completing something that you don't want to do!
    Love your self portrait ;-D and the photo's with your lovely children.

  2. yay! love this post. we all have loose ends...just enjoy the process!

  3. I love that you aren't hung up on projects that aren't working. That makes me feel good! You look so cute in your pics!