Monday, October 4, 2010

Fancy Mail And Giveaway Winners

October 4, 2010

Fancy Mail And Giveaway Winners

About the sundress giveaway winners,
I'll get to that in a bit.

First I want to show and tell about the fancy 'thank you' gifts I received in the mail last Friday.
My friend Laura sent me vintage goodies all the way from Florida.
(Florida seems very far from Utah).

The fabric and buttons came at just the right time while I am in my 'vintage pattern phase'.

All of the gifts are lovely hues of blues.
Thank you Laura, I can tell you collected these special gifts with me in mind.

Giveaway Winners
I neglected to have an end date for my giveaway so it's today.
Freya decided to share two of her sundresses with our blog friends.
(The other four will go to cousins because Freya does not like them and won't wear them).

Peace Mama of
Lizzie of
Please e-mail me your addresses.
The first correspondence I receive gets first pick.

Pink and orange

Pink and critters.

Cheers to a new week friends.

PS I have ten days to finish Freya's school clothes and meet my goal!
(Three more dresses, a skirt, a blouse).


  1. I know you will do.
    Congratulations to the winners, beautiful dressers I wish my little girl all grown up now was 7 again!
    Loving your fabric and buttons ;-)

    BTW. Camille I would love you to be one of 1st to play along with TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINDOW, come on over and join in if you would like to ;-) no pressure lol!

  2. yippee!!! thank you Camille! I would love the owl one for Janie!!!!

  3. Lovely vintage buttons!! You are so good on your sewing, I am so late it's almost funny ;o)