Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thrifted Goodies and A Super Awesome Sweater

November 7, 2009

Thrifted Goodies and A Super Awesome Sweater

I stopped by my local thrift store yesterday. Sometimes it is a hit and sometimes it is a miss.
(As all Thrifter's well know).
Yesterday was a very big hit.

Two ironstone platters and a beautiful bowl.
I rarely pass up purchasing white platters even though I have more than a dozen of them.
They are useful for so many things. It is also great to have a pretty platter on hand for a hostess gift piled with cookies.

I found two great books.
The two next photo's are from A Young Boy's Treasury of Thing-to-do, published 1946.
The second book is titled Christmas in Scandinavia, published 1977.
Notice on the Paper Bag Mask instructions it states that "One of the nicest things about this mask is that it is so comfortable". Personally I have never found wearing paper bag on my head very comfortable.

An Old Man Disguise.
I rotated this photo once too many. Tilt you heads please.

I purchased this army green sweater intending to shrink it and make it into a sweater bag.
It would make a super cool bag indeed.
I think I will wear it for a bit first. It looks so cool on although it is very, very scratchy.
It may be Royal Military issued. I would like to think it is.
Notice the grommeted place for a soldiers name tag.

Here is a photo of the tag. If you know anything about this sweater or have an ideas, let me know please.

Today I worked on necessary projects.
Freya does not hang her sweaters on hangers - ever. Sweaters usually hang on hooks.
I made a hang loop out of velvet ribbon hand sewn to where the manufactures tag once was.
(Sorry. Another side photo. Tilt your heads to the opposite side now please).

Hanging sweaters.

It is a beautiful day in my neighborhood.
Well wishes to everyone this wonderful fall day.

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  1. What great finds, and a gorgeous picture of autumn