Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New York and Hand Sewing

November 17, 2009

New York and Hand Sewing

Today I gathered a few favorite movies, curled up on the sofa and began stuffing and bringing to life a menagerie of Wee Wonderfuls rabbits, kitties and bears.

Hillary Lang is the designer and artist extraordinaire of these amazing softies.
You can find her blog and buy her patterns at www.weewonderfuls.typepad.com
I have made a dozen plus of these softies for gifts.
I never grow tired of them.
There are so many different little personalities to make.

Have I mentioned once or twice how much I love to hand sew?

Freya thinks they are all for her. She says shes needs more tea cups for a 'proper' tea party.

I rediscovered my collection of M. Sasek books.
Oliver has been reading them to us before bed.
I had forgotten how brilliant the illustrations are and how clever M. Sasek writes.
Visit this great website to learn about M. Sasek.

I miss the swinging old days when you could advertise cigarettes in children's book.

I really, really like this illustration of the buildings with the water towers on the roof.

Freya hammed it up for the photos today.

Recently I signed up to participate in a button swap. ( www.buttonswap.blogspot2009.com )
While scooping through lots of buttons I found this darling little notions clasp.
I had forgotten about it.
It is fun to find things you don't remember owning.
It is like getting a surprise present.
This notions clasp is so small and handy.

The floss star, needle pack and two needles were inside when I purchased it.
In case you can't read the label when you click on the photo, it reads
Prinzess Victoria. Best Silver Eyed Sharps. Made in Germany.

Vintage buttons still on the card. For Doctors, Nurses. Etc.......

A Christmas ornament I picked up years ago intending to make a bunch for our Christmas tree.
I adore projects that include buttons.
You can't have too many buttons.
One day I will make a dozen plus of these ornaments.

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