Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Day Of Joy Is A Thing Of Beauty

November 4, 2009

A Day Of Joy Is A Thing Of Beauty

Joyous news about Oliver and Freya.
Freya is Student of the Month for Cooperation.
Oliver is Top Dog* for the quarter.
*Top Dog is awarded quarterly to one student per class, per grade.

The amazingly studious students showing their stupendous awards. Super!
Oliver and Freya, Papa and I are very, one billion very, proud of you. Good Job!

Freya looks up to her big brother.
Oliver teaches Freya, plays with her and loves her enormously.
Mostly they treat each other with respect. Mostly

Freya and I went to the park this late-afternoon again. The weather is so warm (60+ degrees) and perfect. I am neglecting my chores and playing ever night instead.

Pure joy.

More pure unfiltered joy.

I got a bit of sewing in.

To joyously top the day off, Chris cooked plain old delicious spaghetti.

I hope a whole lot of you had a joyous day too.


  1. Oh Congratulations to them! How wonderful

    Your blanket looks just gorgeous, and what a perfect piece to enjoy a warm Autumn evening

  2. The weather is fabulous. I'm glad you are out enjoying it. :)

  3. Those are the best days, aren't they? There is nothing like leaving chores behind and playing with the wee ones. Good for you!