Friday, November 20, 2009

A Birthday Gift For My Mama

November 20, 2009

A Birthday Gift For My Mama

My parents don't own a computer so it is safe for me to show you the pillow I work on for her birthday today.

I cross-stitched the 'K' a few days ago and backstitched it to a vintage piece of linen.
All the material I used was gathered here and there from my fabric stashes.
I didn't have to buy anything.

Sorting through satin and velvet ribbons
Looking for just the right trimmings is one of my favorite steps of the creative process.

A beautiful work space is inviting to inspiration.

I'm ruching a long piece of satin fabric to run the length of the pillow.

Today I discovered the most awesome needles in the world.
I will never use another needle for large embellishments.

The small Daisy Chain flower fabric in the corner was cut from a worn tablecloth that a friend brought back from a Paris flea market for me!
I have been using it very sparingly.

I have been sewing and creating for a few days now.
This is what I pretend not to see while I play sewing.
Four, FOUR, baskets of clean laundry and a stack of folded clothes waiting to be put away.

Weekend chores await.
After I finish my mama's birthday pillow.


  1. Oh please! I must see the finished product. You will post it, won't you? This is what I call a cliffhanger! :)

  2. Lovely. I want to see the finished project. I need to find something to do, my mind has been way to busy with family life.