Wednesday, November 4, 2009

After School Oliver, Freya and I Went To The Park

November 3, 2009

After School Oliver, Freya and I Went To The Park

As the title of this post mentions, we went to our local park this late-afternoon. The park is a ten minute child's pace walk from my home.
I love our park. A lot.

A football game. (Soccer to wimps).

Another football game.

Oliver upside down. He did this for a long time. That is why his face is beet red.

Freya swinging. This is Freya's favorite thing to do at any park.

Oliver twisting down the twisty slide.

I take my sewing every where I go.
Sweater Bag #3 is the best bag I have ever owned.
It fits all of my sewing, my notion tin, a blanket, water for the kids and I, plus a lamp, a coat rack and a mirror large enough to see my whole face at once.

I'm working on Sweater Bag #4.

I listened to J.Lo while blogging tonight.
Say what you will about her but J.Lo can cut a dance groove here and there.

I then listened to one of the best albums of all time. My favorite Beatles album is the White Album with Abbey Road close, close behind.

Wow I was chatty tonight.
I have special and exciting news to share tomorrow about Oliver and Freya. Come by tomorrow and say "Hi".

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  1. What a lovely day at the park! I do love your newest sweater bag, it blew me away! Hey, if you can, would you put a link to your other blogs to which you contribute? I would love to check you out there too! Thanks!