Monday, April 25, 2011

Slacker and Giveaway Winners

April 27, 2011

Slacker and Giveaway Winners

First of all, I apologize that my blog is spaced all janky.
My computer skill are nil.
Sometimes writing my blog feels like a tasks when I over think it or get behind.
If Blogger didn't have a spell check I wouldn't write a blog.

Second; Giveaway winners

Giveaway #1 = Betty who writes the blog Imaginary Brushstrokes.
Giveaway #2= Nancey who writes the blog Kite and String.
Giveaway #3= Funky Mommy who writes the blog Little Bird by Funky Mommy.

Please email me your addresses to

Here are some of the projects I've been working on.

I like knitting.
I started and finished these on our mini holiday last week.
Knitting is truly the best take-along project.

My new favorite book.
Oliver + S are my favorite sewing patterns. I learned to sew using them. They are so simple to understand.

As you may or may not know the Royal Wedding is a big deal around here.
My sister Katie is in charge of decorations and food.
I'm making some fun things for the kids.
These tutu's will be fun and perfect for princess dress up.

Gathering two yards of five colors tulle was not fun.

Of course the first thing Freya checked when she put it on is the 'twirl factor'.

I sewed a few pairs of cozie pants for Oliver using this McCall's patter.

Cozie pants are a great beginners project.

I used thrifted sheets.


Oliver loves them.

My sister loves that she is getting Oliver's old cozies.

Today I'm making crowns. I'll post them soon!


  1. you already made the tutu from the Oliver + S book !?! you are fast !
    enjoy the wedding :)

  2. my daughter LOVES that skirt. oh that book, i imagine i should add it to my 'want' list...

  3. I just love it. You need to teach this skill of yours.

  4. oh thank you I had completely forgotten the giveaway, what a lovely surprise - I am very lucky, congrats to other ladies too - will have to do a post and show my banner makes. You have made a lot of stuff lately, great ideas for the skirt and delightful tulle skirt for your little princess. Bettyx

  5. p.s. my main blog is (imaginary brushstrokes is where I store my fusty old silk paintings but yappy is where I ... well.. yap!),Bettyx

  6. i thought of you yesterday while watching the wedding! i hope you had a great time.

    (also, knitting IS the best take-along project!)

    have a happy weekend!